About Us

Sir Meccanica India Pvt Ltd  has been in the India  market for last 15 years and our Principles for last 30 year around  the world. The company is among the brand leaders in the sector for the production of portable multifunction machine tools. Sir Meccanica machine  introduce new and revolutionary techniques in order to perform grinding work in the production and maintenance of internal and external cylindrical surfaces, in heavy and light metallic carpentry in the sector of earthmoving, building, agriculture, road constructions, industrial field, machines and plants linked to transport and energy, railway equipment, nuclear plants, mercantile and passenger ships, gas and petroleum extracting towers, military transport vehicles and mining equipment. Our primary objective is to always be closer to the customer’s needs. Today the customer needs, not only a machine tool, but especially a solution to produce. As experts in manufacturing, the mission is to pass on our own know-how by offering solutions that customers can integrate into their production, to improve it and make it more efficient. Our own productive needs, have given birth to innovative and revolutionary solutions.

Our Principles Vision

Sir Meccanica’s business growth has been founded on the value of quality without any compromises. The focused investments in technology and human resources and a steady attention to the needs and the market’s demands have allowed us to develop a specialized know-how that is at our customers’ complete disposal. Expertise, technology and innovation mean higher quality of products and processes, thanks to computerized manufacturing and a steady supervision of a qualified staff. With enthusiasm, in all these years, we have been working to offer our best in terms of quality, reliability and innovation and with the same obstinacy we are enhancing the business, by creating systems that satisfy and overcome customers’ expectations.

Our Principles History

It is the year 1960. Rinaldo Siracusa whose origins are from Piacenza, arrives in Calabria, in the Southern part of Italy, as ”an expert in road construction and infrastructure” and, driven by love, he decides to remain. A marriage, three children and a company, or better yet, more than one company. The first investment was in the building sector, then he starts the marketing and maintenance of quarrying and construction machines and finally with great intuition, he creates Sir Meccanica. It all starts from the great difficulty of transporting huge machines in the workshop to repair them. It is in this context that one begins to think of a portable tool that can perform operations directly on-site, reducing transport and repair costs. It is a simple but a revolutionary idea that will make Sir Meccanica an Italian company of international success.


16000 square meters of external area – 4000 square meters of covered area – 70 working people. We are present in 136 countries, worldwide, we export 95% of production. The manufacturing plant is located in the industrial area of Catanzaro (Italy). A covered area of 4000 square meters, equipped with the most advanced technology, it allows the integral management of the supply chain. The working phases, from planning to production, from customer assistance to delivery, are handled by a dedicated technical staff that operates according to the highest efficiency and quality standards. Your benefits: Customized technological solutions – Availability of spare parts within 24 hours – Highly specialized technicians, in order to optimize customer’s production processes – Software solutions.


The products are distributed in 136 countries all over the world. The company exports 95% of its own production abroad and it is oriented to strengthen and reinforce its international position.


The product lines, are entirely created and produced inside the company’s plant. They comply with the most advanced technological standards. The measurements and tests performed during the production phases ensure a constant and authentic Quality Control. The result is a wide range of products characterized by a long lifespan, reliability and high performance, even under the ergonomic profile, capable of satisfying any applicative situation. Characterized by extreme versatility and high reliability thanks to the numerical control, Sir Meccanica’s machine tools have always been ahead in the world market as an excellence of the Made in Italy.


The constant company attention towards the quality standards is demonstrated by a wide range of certifications. Among these, the most important ones are the UNI-EN-ISO 9001:2015; EC (N ° IMQ 192) for the WS Series; CE certification; GOST; The NATO Code (NCAGE AFA 74) attesting recognition of the company as an official supplier of materials and services to the United States Government and the American bases in Europe.