The WTmax is an electronically operated portable machine tool for the creation of internal cylindrical threadings.

Basically, the WTmax is created according to the specific requirements of the customers and therefore the machining range, pitch length etc. are customized to their needs.

As we all know, there are 2 most important parameters for the creation of the threading: rotation and feeding. These parameters during the creation of the thread must be closely related.

Inside the WTmax, there is a mechanical device, that slides according to the rotation direction that has been set  by giving the tool the axial feeding necessary to create the thread with the correct pitch.

Therefore, by replacing the internal device, the WTmax will create different threads.

The threading diameters and the longitudinal stroke of the machine can be customized.

Longitudinal stroke 350mm (13,78″) Tool holder shaft lenght 1500mm (59,05″)